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Mini Empire strives to create sustainable design- whether it is through supporting local craftsmanship and industries in production or creating timeless aesthetics that outlives seasonal trends.
A print for every wall.A print for every wall.

A print for every wall.

Unique design made with love

Unique design made with love

Mini Empire is a Swedish brand and design studio based in Stockholm. The enchanting patterns stem from the imaginary world of Jenny von Döbeln- head designer and founder. Jenny established the small and independent company in 2010. Her illustrations are distinguished by storytelling and a rich set of details, always with a touch of surrealism. With a background education in graphic design, Jenny has been working as an illustrator and designer since 2007. Mini Empire products are currently being sold in selected design shops in over 15 countries worldwide and have been featured in magazines such as ELLE interior, PLAZA and MILK.


By always putting quality in focus and aiming to always make the right choices for our environment, we hope to provide you with treasures you’ll keep in the family for generations to come.


Jenny is the founder and head of design. She knows everything about the illustrations, products, the materials, retail and much more. You reach her at: